Various Causes of Frequent Vomiting in Babies and How to Overcome It

Babies often vomit actually quite reasonable, especially if the baby is only a few weeks old. This is because the baby's stomach is still adjusting to the portion of breast milk or formula milk taken. However, digestive problems are not the only reason babies often vomit. Vomiting in infants is a condition of involuntary bowel discharge. When this happens, babies tend to be fussy. Vomiting that comes out just like that, usually after breastfeeding, is generally caused by the baby's stomach not being able to accommodate the incoming food. Various Causes of Frequent Vomiting Babies There are various causes for babies to vomit often, from the natural ones to watch out for. Among them: Eat or drink too much and fast As mentioned previously, the size of the stomach of a baby who is still small needs to be adjusted to the portion of milk or food. Babies need to burp so that food can fit in the stomach. Forcing a baby to eat too much too fast can make a baby vomit. Have a
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